Newest BROOKE Snippet Talks Perry’s Kisses

After reading all about Perry’s sensitivity and ability to be quite a wonderful and intimate lover, it’s no surprise that Brooke can’t help but talk about Peregrine in this novella titled under her namesake.

brooke-teaser-2Oh, we can only imagine!



Vote for UNDER THE NEVER SKY’s Perry in the YA Crush Tourney


Now that Perry has defeated Torin St. James, he has been pitted against Shadow and Bone‘s very handsome bad boy, The Darkling, in Round 2 of this year’s YA Crush Tourney.

You can vote for Perry now right here.

Veronica Rossi’s INTO THE STILL BLUE U.S. Cover Revealed, Excerpt, and Release Date!


Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on Veronica Rossi‘s 3rd and final book of the Under the Never Sky trilogy, Into the Still Blue.

First thing they revealed is that the release date for the book will be January 28, 2014.

Then they revealed the lovely U.S. cover above, in which it shows both its main protagonists Aria and Peregrine (or Perry), walking side by side, which would seem appropriate.

And the third thing they revealed is an excerpt, or basically the first 3 chapters of the book!  We get 2 chapters from Aria’s point of view, and 1 from Perry’s.

Click on the image below to go to read it.


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Vote for Perry in the 2013 YA Crush Tourney


(credit: Whatever Lu)

The YA Crush Tourney has started!  And Perry is in this first round, against Torin St. James from The Runes series.

Nikki from Fiction Freak is heading the charge for Perry’s side, and here are some of the qualities that she points out about our wonderful Peregrine:

His tattoos –

“He had tattoos, just like in the stories. Two patterned bands around each bicep. When he’d turned his back, she’d seen another design on his skin, some sort of hawk with wings spanning shoulder to shoulder.”

His personality –

Oh yeah. Passionate is definitely something you can call Perry.
Ah, but he’s not only passionate. He’s loyal and strong and supportive. He’ll fight for whatever he believes in and for his people and he’ll do whatever he can to help.

His sweetness and being romantic –

“In the afternoon, they stopped to eat on a rocky outcrop. Perry brushed a kiss on her cheek while she was chewing, and she learned that it was the loveliest thing to be kissed for no reason, even while chewing food. It brightened the woods, and the never sky, and everything.” 

“I miss you. I miss you. I miss you, I miss you. Be ready, because when I see you, I’ll never let you go again”

“Should we try this again?” he asked. Aria smiled. “The right way,” she said, and wove her fingers through his. “Together.”

To read more about Perry and VOTE, click here.

Calling All Perry Fans for UNDER THE NEVER SKY’s Participation in YA Crush Tourney

perry-back-archerLooks like Perry’s up for a spot in this year’s YA Crush Tournament, hosted by the YA Sisterhood, which starts on Wednesday, June 12th.

Anyway, our Peregrine is up against Torin St. James from The Runes series by Ednah Walters, and blogger Nikki will be representing Perry in this.  She needs Perry’s fans’ help, though!

Blogger Nikki is representing Perry in the YA Crush Tourney! Help her out by leaving your favorite Perry quote, scene or characteristic in the comments, or you can tweet them to @Nikki_Wang.

If you’re interested in being part of the Peregrine Street Team (fans who want to help by tweeting and/or blogging) you can email Nikki directly:

Another option is to go on the Under the Never Sky Facebook Page and comment there with your favorite quotes, qualities of Perry, and scenes.

Voting day for Perry is on Monday, June 17th!  Have fun!

Swoon Madness — Dystopian Dreamboats, Round One!

Paper Lantern Lit wants you to choose! Who are your Dystopian Dreamboats?

Alex or Julian?
Adam or Warner?
Perry or Roar?

The YA Swoon Madness has begun!
Go and vote!

Paper Lantern Lit

The March Madness games have begun! Follow PLL all month to place bets on who you think the swooniest boy in YA is!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

YOU voted and Round 1 of Contemporary Cuties has been decided!!! Today we’re looking for the best DYSTOPIAN DREAMBOATS to keep us company in these hopeless places!

Alex: Alex is the one to sweep you off your feet. In a world that doesn’t believe in love, he sure is one passionate boy. He sets up picnics in gardens under the stars, reads books and listens to music; he does all the forbidden things for love. He will run away with you and protect you the best…

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Veronica Rossi Answers Some Questions from Fans During Pitch Dark Days Twitter Chat


The Dark Days Tour has yet to start, but as you know, the authors aren’t going to be in every city, so Pitch Dark hosted a Twitter Chat (#pitchdarkdays) earlier this evening with four authors (Brodi Ashton [@Brodiashton]of the ‘Everneath’ series, Cynthia Hand [@CynthiaHand]of ‘Unearthly’ series, Tahereh Mafi [@taherehmafi] of the ‘Shatter Me’ series, and Veronica Rossi [@V_Rossibooks] of the ‘Under the Never Sky’ series) to let everyone out there on Twitter have a chance to ask the authors questions about their books, their characters, and anything else that came to mind.  Here’s what Veronica Rossi answered for her fans, including myself.

Veronica certainly didn’t spoil much for us, but I’m expecting a lot of everything, and hopefully more questions answered than asked by the end of book 3!  But for you who haven’t read book 2 yet, do so as soon as possible.  It equals, if not bests the first book and definitely pushes the story forward at a quick and exciting pace.

You can read my review of Through the Ever Night here.