Veronica Rossi’s INTO THE STILL BLUE U.S. Cover Revealed, Excerpt, and Release Date!


Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on Veronica Rossi‘s 3rd and final book of the Under the Never Sky trilogy, Into the Still Blue.

First thing they revealed is that the release date for the book will be January 28, 2014.

Then they revealed the lovely U.S. cover above, in which it shows both its main protagonists Aria and Peregrine (or Perry), walking side by side, which would seem appropriate.

And the third thing they revealed is an excerpt, or basically the first 3 chapters of the book!  We get 2 chapters from Aria’s point of view, and 1 from Perry’s.

Click on the image below to go to read it.


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UK Book Cover Reveal for INTO THE STILL BLUE, the 3rd Book for UNDER THE NEVER SKY


Book 3 of the Under the Never Sky trilogy

My heart’s beating just a bit faster than normal, which isn’t necessarily a good thing for me, but for this, I don’t mind!  However, this is actually the U.K. cover and the U.S. cover won’t be revealed until next week sometime, but I’m still excited!

The book won’t be out until sometime next year, but aren’t you even more excited now?

Here are the book covers for books one and two as well!


Book 2 of the Under the Never Sky trilogy


Book 1 of the Under the Never Sky trilogy

Into the Still Blue Cover Reveal Next Week!

According to this tweet by Veronica Rossi, the cover of Into the Still Blue will be revealed next week.

Who’s excited? I bet we all are. And the bigger question is: WHO is on the cover?

We won’t have to wait for too long!